Course Curriculum

ABS Module Course

    1. Definitions

    1. Module 6 Main Video

    1. Instructions

    2. Module 6 video submission Front/Caddie view

    3. Module 6 video submission Down the line view

    1. Module 6 Legacy Video

    2. Swing Plane Illusion, Backswing Options and Shoulder Rotation

    3. Saving Torso Rotation, the Snead Diagram and Minimizing Hand Travel

    4. Hand protocols

    5. Spatial Awareness and the Rotated Plane Line

    6. Transition Drill: Closing the Gap

About this course

  • $250.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • The Advanced Ball Striking program has been helping high, mid, low and professional players reach their potential for over 13 years now. The ABS Modules build the swing through a training program of idealistic intentions that logically stack up upon one another and improve a player's golf swing, while allowing for each person's individual expression. Every module features specific drills that teach a part of the swing. ABS Instructors help accelerate your improvement through video reviews.

Are you ready to become an advanced ball striker?

If you work hard on the ABS modules, you get results!